CuTex is a Permeable Geocomposite Root Barrier designed to block roots from invasive weeds, plants and trees. Particularly when such roots pose a risk to utilities' infrastructures and foundations.  

Cutex Technical Summary

CuTex root barrier consists of a specially formulated copper sheet mechanically encapsulated between two high strength copper geotextiles. CuTex acts by safely releasing Cu2+ ions to inhibit root growth.
The copper ions create a localised zone of inhibition which when approached by root tips causes them to undergo a progressive collapse.
The copper acts as a signal layer that all plants avert their growth. CuTex only releases minute quantities of the copper ion and is a safe, yet effective root growth blocking material.
During the process of manufacture, the copper foil is micro-perforated. This allows moisture to pass through the root barrier even though the zone of inhibition against roots is still maintained.

Why use CuTex Root Barrier

  • CuTex is rugged and durable root barrier specifically designed to meet the demands of any construction site
  • Water permeable allowing the movement of water and soluble nutrients within the soil profile
  • Dual Action Functions through providing both physical and biological mechanisms to block root growth 
  • Flexible  barrier material for ease of use 
  • Economic installation, due to its robust construction and dual mode of action it is often not necessary to install sand or fleece layers save both money and time
  • 50-year design life to comply with agency recommendations