CuTex, How Does It Work?

CuTex functions not only as a physical barrier, incorporating strong and durable geotextiles, but also as a chemical barrier. It acts by releasing Cu2+ ions into solution.

The localised copper toxicology only affects the root exposed to the zone of inhibition making CuTex a safe and effective material for blocking root growth. Over time CuTex releases Cu2+ ions into the soil creating an effective chemical barrier

Differential contrast microscopy show progressive collapse 

of root system.

Laser scanning microscopy microscopy show progressive 

collapse of root system.

Confocal laser-scanning microscopy and differential contrast interference microscopy was used to analyse the morphology of root tips grown in the presence and absence of CuTex. 

The results demonstrated that when root tips approach the zone of inhibition they undergo a progressive collapse. The dividing cells at the very tip of the root (the meristem) die off and the cells above the meristem differentiate.