What is FlexiRoot Root Barrier?

FlexiRoot goes above and beyond the competition, offering versatility and durability at a fantastic price point. 

What is it?

A flexible, non-permiable, root barrier designed to equal, or exceed the performance of the competition. 

Technical Performance

A high-performance membrane consisting of a woven HDPE base material, reinforced and coated with a triple layer of LDPE film. The FlexiRoot root barriers are designed to deflect tree roots or contain bamboo and block invasive weed species such as Japanese knotweed.  Due to the flexible nature of the product we recommend, it is used conjunction with a protective sand layer or our Fleeceblock a sand alternative.

Why use FlexiRoot?

  • Manufactured at a low price point  
  • Highly flexible material 
  • Can be heat welded 
  • Inert with a minimum 25-year service life expectancy*