Tree Root Barrier

Root Barrier to manage Tree Roots

A Tree Root Barrier is ideal for blocking roots from interfering with structures, directing roots away from service utilities or prevent tree roots from causing subsidence. However, to design and install effective Tree Root Barrier Systems it's also fundamental that tree biology is considered to avoid trees becoming stressed, unsafe or failing to establish correctly.

At Root Barrier Systems, we have Arboriculturalists and Subsidence Contractors on hand to help us specify and design tree Root Barrier Systems that achieve their objective while making allowance for tree health and safety into account.

In addition to our bespoke root barrier design service, we have set up this online shop to offer a range of Tree Root Barrier, including our CuTex (permeable) and FlexiRoot (non-permeable) products. These root barriers are sold in various formats to suit different applications. These are explained below:

Tree Root Deflectors

A Tree Root Deflector will deflect roots downward and away from structures and utilities. At Root Barrier Systems, our Tree Root Deflectors are available in both FlexiRoot and CuTex. Our deflectors are also available on-the-shelf in three diameters and several depths. For help determining your requirements or the need for alternative measurements, please call us on 02031742187. For information on our deflectors; 

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Tree Root Director Rings

Our Tree Root Director Rings are used for new tree planting to deflect roots downward and away from structures and utilities. The Director Rings form a complete barrier around the edge of a tree pit. Available in FlexiRoot and CuTex, the latter being permeable with a coarse surface that will help avoid root spiralling. Our director rings are available in three diameters and several depths. 

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Large Format Root Barrier

There is often situations where a Large Format Barrier is needed to block tree roots. Also, with our CuTex barrier, as it is permeable, there are many more applications for this specialist root barrier. Below we have highlighted some of the popular applications for large format root barrier:

Vertical barrier: 

Typically specified to a depth greater than two metres to block tree roots completely. 

For subsidence: 

The size of the root barrier is often determined by the depth of the trees fibrous roots, which are routinely found 3 or 4 metres below ground. 

A substrate in constriction: 

Using CuTex within drainage systems where water movement is required mainly to block roots interfering with permeable driveway sub-bases.

How We Can Help

Our large format root barriers are available in both FlexiRoot and CuTex. For help determining your requirements, please call us on 0203 1742187. For information on our standard roll sizes and large format barrier, please click here for our shop.

Whatever type of Tree Root Barrier you need, please remember that at Root Barrier Systems we aim to give you a root barrier just as you need it!