Root Barrier, Just As You Need It

Choose the best root barrier to block any kind of tree roots, knotweed or bamboo roots. Our wide range of barriers guarantee the best usability when defending your land.

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Specialist Root Barrier Solutions For Every Application

Our advanced  CuTex permeable root barrier outperforms the competition due to its unique composite construction that encapsulates a micro-perforated copper foil layer. As a composite root barrier, CuTex is highly durable, flexible, and easy to use. CuTex is the preferred choice when selecting a Japanese knotweed barrier. CuTex geotextile root barrier is also widely used as a tree root barrier and in tree-related subsidence remediation.

Our high-performance FlexiRoot non-permeable root barrier has class-leading puncture resistance which is perfect for blocking bamboo and other aggressive plant species. Our range of non-permeable root barrier is affordable and available in a range of handy sizes.