Bamboo Root Barrier

Bamboo Barriers

Our Bamboo Barrier, when correctly installed, will stop this highly invasive weed. So why not tap into our experience gained over the last 20 years as Root Barrier Distributors and Invasive Weed Specialists to ensure you get your root barrier just as you need it. 

With a Puncture resistance of 5200 newtons, our FlexiRoot barrier is a real trailblazer setting the standard for the competition. What's more, is priced is good too! In addition, we can also supply a specialist fleece which further increases the performance of the FlexiRoot barrier against Bamboo.

When faced with unwieldy Bamboo finding the best solutions and understanding what's best can be troubling. At Root Barrier Systems we are more than happy to discuss your requirements for Bamboo Barrier. We have a great relationship with contractors, and through them, we can offer a specialist removal and root barrier installation solution to meet your needs. 

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Top Tips for effectively installing a Bamboo Root Barrier 

  • Put it in deep enough, most Bamboo rhizome (root) can still be seen at a depth of 30-40cm so we suggest that you aim for at least 50cm of root barrier depth. 

  • Make sure that you have root barrier protruding above ground level. Bamboo rhizome (areal roots) will, by their nature, hop over the barrier, so it's very wise to inspect the root barrier to see that Bamboo is behaving itself.

  • Completely encircle Bamboo or ensure that barrier extends past the Bamboo that is to be retained. If the root barrier does not encircle the retained Bamboo, it is very wise to inspect and make sure that the Bamboo does not spread or send runners out to breach the extremities of the barrier.

  • Ensure all rhizome (roots) that are on the wrong side of the barrier are chased out and removed as they will continue to grow and may give the impression that the barrier is ineffective.  

Advantages of using our Root Barrier for Bamboo

  • Creates a physical vertical barrier to block Bamboo
  • Ensures that Bamboo can't return to your property from a neighbours garden after it has been excavated in your own garden
  • A Bamboo Barrier is great for containing Bamboo provided it's correctly installed (check out our top tips above)
  • It can be used in conjunction with herbicides and excavation of bamboo runners

If you want the best solution for a bamboo barrier, look at our product range, our FlexiRoot is highly durable, has class-leading puncture resistance and can be used with our protective fleece for additional protection. If you still need help with the root barrier, please feel free to call us on 0203 1742187.